Q: Does the rate quoted include meeting the passengers inside the airport and helping them with the luggage?
A: Yes, The rate includes the parking fees and limited waiting time while you collect your luggage. We do not charge for anything extra.

Q: I never saw the driver at the pickup point, so why should I have to pay?
A: On occasions customers have difficulty in locating the drivers. We always insist the passenger call our office before leaving so that we can help the passenger locate their driver who are waiting for them. The drivers incur charges on every pickup, so it's the least that can be done. Due to this reason, we require a payment. Give our office a call before you leave and do not assume the driver was not there. As always, we do not require any deposit when making a reservation and depend on your goodwill.

Q: Is your company licensed?
A: Yes, we are a fully licensed company and are required to abide by the regulations set by the Virginia Department of Motor vehicles.

Q: Are your prices per car or per person?
A: Our prices are per car initially with a per passenger surcharge. (Group charters are priced separately)

Q: Can I make a booking on the phone or online?
A: Yes, you can make a booking on the phone or reserve online at www.gocharis.com

Q: How do I meet the driver?
A: If requested for GSO our driver will meet you in the baggage claim area for domestic flights within 10-minutes of your arrival. He or she will be holding a board /card with the Charis Transportation logo. For RDU & CLT please call our office from any phone if you did not obtain your drivers cell number.

Q: What will happen if we do not meet the driver?
A: You will be liable for parking charges/fuel used/cancellation charges; that is why we insist on you carrying our number. Our driver will leave the airport if you do not contact us. Unfortunately, in such circumstances, we have no option but to charge the full fare for the journey. In some circumstances we may charge a reduced amount based on costs incurred. Drivers incur expenses and these charges are borne by the drivers and as a result, they depend on your goodwill to show up or pay them for their time.

Q: What if the flight is delayed or early?
A: We will sometimes check the flight status (during rough weather seasons) on the day and the driver will arrive at the airport as the flight lands. If you have made other arrangements, the driver will arrive according to those arrangements. If your flight is delayed, additional charges will be incurred for the drivers wait time. If you know of any delays please call our office ahead or time to avoid additional charges.

Q: I have completed an online registration. Will you confirm the booking?
A: Yes, we will confirm your booking via an automatic e-mail receipt. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact us as we may not have received your booking. The system is entirely automated and if you receive a confirmation, there is no need for further communication unless you have any questions. There will be times however, that a reservation specialist will call for questions.

Q: Can I pay by credit card?
A: We are able to accept major credit cards via telephone. The credit card transaction will be processed securely.  We keep all your card details in a safe and secure place and are then destroyed after the journey has been completed.

Q: How much luggage can I carry?
A: It is essential that you book a vehicle capable of carrying your luggage for an efficient transfer from the arrival point.